Binance raises R$ 30 million in Bitcoin and donates R$ 537 thousand in masks to indigenous tribes of Brazil

Concerned with the spread of the new coronavirus, exchange offers more than 50 thousand N95 masks to the indigenous population. Indigenous tribes in northern Brazil are benefiting from an important donation offered by Binance. Concerned with the dissemination of the new coronavirus, the platform has been able to raise more than R$ 30 million in […]

O recorde de $7.4B de futuros de Bitcoin em aberto mostra que os profissionais ainda esperam $20K BTC

O preço do bitcoin ficou aquém de alcançar $20.000, mas o interesse recorde em futuros BTC mostra que os profissionais ainda estão em alta. O preço do Bitcoin (BTC) não atingiu o nível de $20.000 esta semana, mas vários registros relacionados a volume e juros abertos foram feitos no caminho até $19.484. Uma conquista notável […]


Bitcoin rejected at critical support level – but analysts remain bullish Bitcoin experienced a sharp decline overnight, which occurred after a period of immense strength. This took BTC to $18,000, which has long been a strong support for the crypto-currency. Where Bitcoin goes next will depend largely on whether it can hold above the support […]

L’esposizione Bitcoin di Warren Buffett: il CEO di Berkshire Hathaway si dice che si stia accumulando in PayPal

Dopo Apple, Google e l’oro di quest’anno, l’“Oracolo di Omaha“ potrebbe finalmente cambiare la sua melodia su Bitcoin. E se non attraverso PayPal, allora direttamente in BTC al suo top. Secondo le ultime voci che girano, il basher Bitcoin Warren Buffett potrebbe diventare un investitore indiretto nel principale asset digitale attraverso l’ultimo amante della crittografia, […]

MicroStrategy CEO enthüllt, wie viel Bitcoin er besitzt

Michael Saylor, dessen Technologieunternehmen MicroStrategy 425 Millionen Dollar in Bitcoin investiert hat, hat seine persönlichen Bitcoin-Bestände in einem Tweet offengelegt. Michael Saylor, dessen Technologieunternehmen MicroStrategy $425 Millionen in Bitcoin investiert hat, hat seine persönlichen Bitcoin-Bestände offengelegt. In einem Tweet gab Saylor an, dass er persönlich 17.732 BTC besitzt. Während des Aufrufs des Unternehmens zu den […]

Dave Portnoy wygląda na nienawidzącego BTC All of a Sudden

Oh Dave Portnoy, co się stało? Zacząłeś być wielkim adwokatem Bitcoinów, a teraz wydajesz się tego nienawidzić. Co sprawiło, że tak drastycznie zmieniłeś zdanie? Dave Portnoy włączył Bitcoin’a Jak wszyscy pamiętamy, to była wielka sprawa w sierpniu tego roku, kiedy to Winklevoss Twins z Gemini Exchange w Nowym Jorku postanowił wyjaśnić Portnoy’owi bitcoin po tym, […]

Coca-Cola to close office in Argentina and move administration to Brazil

Coca-Cola will close administrative offices in Argentina and move its operations to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, amid a restructuring plan for the multinational. The information is from the newspaper La Nación. According to the report, this is a move that will affect all of Latin America. The management of Peru, Bolivia, Uruguay and Chile will […]

Shenzhen Stock Exchange to offer Blockchain-driven operations

The Shenzhen Stock Exchange announced that it would be adding Blockchain solutions to its operations. We tell you about the new project! The Blockchain technology is starting to gain momentum worldwide but especially in China. Now the Shenzhen Stock Exchange announced the upcoming launch of a Blockchain solution for trading. Jack Dorsey: „Bitcoin and Blockchain […]