Binance raises R$ 30 million in Bitcoin and donates R$ 537 thousand in masks to indigenous tribes of Brazil

Concerned with the spread of the new coronavirus, exchange offers more than 50 thousand N95 masks to the indigenous population.

Indigenous tribes in northern Brazil are benefiting from an important donation offered by Binance. Concerned with the dissemination of the new coronavirus, the platform has been able to raise more than R$ 30 million in donations with Bitcoin (BTC) worldwide to combat the pandemic.

Thus, part of this amount was used to benefit Brazilian indigenous tribes, in a total of R$ 537 thousand. With this amount, more than 50 thousand N95 masks will be delivered by Binance Charity, the foundation dedicated to social promotion that belongs to the exchange Binance.

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According to the platform that trades Bitcoin and other cryptomoedas, the delivery of the masks will take place in the coming days and should take into account the tribes most affected by COVID-19. This is not the first time Binance has donated masks to Brazil.
Masks donation to indigenous tribes

Sensitized with the fight against the coronavirus faced by the Indians in Brazil, Binance decided to offer more than 50 thousand N95 masks to Indian tribes located in northern states of Brazil.

As stated by the CEO and founder of Binance, Changpeng Zhao, the purchase of the masks was only possible after more than R$ 30 million in BTC was raised as donations for the fight against the new coronavirus.

“Binance Charity has this commitment and is strongly engaged in the fight against COVID-19. We are helping the communities that most need to overcome this difficult moment. There are already more than 300 BTCs raised and more than 20 countries benefited during the pandemic, which makes us very proud”.

Therefore, part of this amount is being directed to actions against the disease in Brazil, considered an epicenter of the disease with millions of registered cases.

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The masks that will be distributed by Binance Charity were imported from the United States and arrived in Brazil still in October 2020. According to the platform, entities linked to indigenous health will be responsible for the distribution of 50,400 N95 masks.

“The masks, sent from Miami, arrived in Belém in the last week of October. The transportation and distribution are being coordinated by the Federation of Indigenous Peoples of Pará (FEPIPA), in partnership with the Indigenous Missionary Council (CIMI) and the Special Indigenous Health District (DSEI) Guamá-Tocantins”.

Binance fights against the coronavirus

Binance faces the coronavirus with actions aimed at preventing the disease worldwide. Only in Brazil, the exchange has already made two donations of masks to fight Covid-19.

Therefore, this is not the first time the company distributes masks against the new coronavirus in the country. Before attending indigenous tribes, in July the exchange offered 15 thousand masks to health workers.

In this case, the donations were directed to Santa Casa de São Paulo. In total, the masks offered by Binance in the first action exceeded R$ 26 thousand in donations.

Other initiatives with Bitcoin

Companies that operate in the cryptomime market seek to create a way to minimize the impact caused by the new coronavirus around the world. Like Binance, other platforms have created initiatives to confront the disease with donations in Bitcoin.

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This is the case with the GiveTrack project, promoted by BitGive in partnership with Heifer International. As the Cointelegraph reported earlier, the platform will raise donations in Bitcoin to help develop smallholder agriculture in the United States.

In addition, the famous “Bitcoin Tuesday” is approaching, which should take place on December 1st, 2020. In this case, although the donations in cryptomoedas are not specifically destined to combat the new coronavirus, the action intends to distribute Bitcoin to charities.