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Bitcoin rejected at critical support level – but analysts remain bullish

  • Bitcoin experienced a sharp decline overnight, which occurred after a period of immense strength.
    This took BTC to $18,000, which has long been a strong support for the crypto-currency.
  • Where Bitcoin goes next will depend largely on whether it can hold above the support that exists at this important price level.
  • One trader points out how aggressively this bearish move was bought – suggesting that Bitcoin may be able to see much more upside potential in the near future.

Bitcoin has shown some signs of immense strength in recent days and weeks, with buyers trying to take by Crypto Investor control of price action as the bears have been showing the first signs of vitality for weeks.

The coming days should provide some serious insight into where the market as a whole is headed next.

One trader is now noting that the crypto currency’s reaction to this sell-off suggests that a long-term price floor is being created.

He believes that this will allow BTC to recover and continue its rise, “undoing” the first wave of over-eager buyers.

Bitcoin experiences its first major sell-off, reaching $19,000

Over the course of Bitcoin’s several-month uptrend, the crypto currency has shown some immense signs of strength and has experienced only fleeting sell-offs, each followed by an upward trend.

This recent slump does not appear to be an exception to this trend – the BTC price climbed to $17,650 before facing a “V-shaped” recovery, which resulted in a significant further uptrend.

The asset is now in the process of recovering the gains lost as a result of this decline. And BTC may be able to make further gains in the near future.

Analyst: Bitcoin has reached a new price floor

A trader writes in a tweet: The reaction of the crypto-currency to this latest sell-off indicates that a new price floor has been reached which could allow BTC to rise significantly higher.

He now observes an upward movement and comments that the aggressive buying pressure during this recent rally was promising.

“What you should be looking at now is how aggressively this dip is being bought. I think the floor is passively asserting itself. First, overzealous buyers are ruined. This is a sign of that.”

The trends of the next few hours should give an insight into how Bitcoin and the aggregated crypto markets will behave this week.

L’esposizione Bitcoin di Warren Buffett: il CEO di Berkshire Hathaway si dice che si stia accumulando in PayPal

Dopo Apple, Google e l’oro di quest’anno, l'”Oracolo di Omaha” potrebbe finalmente cambiare la sua melodia su Bitcoin. E se non attraverso PayPal, allora direttamente in BTC al suo top.

Secondo le ultime voci che girano, il basher Bitcoin Warren Buffett potrebbe diventare un investitore indiretto nel principale asset digitale attraverso l’ultimo amante della crittografia, PayPal.

Anche se una cosa del genere dovesse accadere, non sarà una cosa fuori dal comune perché, in passato, Buffett si è sbagliato su Google e Amazon e si è pentito di non averli acquistati.

Inoltre, l'”Oracolo di Omaha” ha finalmente cambiato la sua musica sull’oro nell’agosto del 2020, il mese in cui il metallo prezioso ha raggiunto il massimo storico sopra i 2.000 dollari. Attualmente, il metallo prezioso è scambiato intorno ai 1.880 dollari.

Nel frattempo, Bitcoin Pro sta correndo verso il suo ATH di $20.000, in crescita del 150% YTD. L’asset digitale, che attualmente è scambiato al di sopra di $18.000, è salito dell’88% da quando Buffet ha definito il Bitcoin un “veleno per topi al quadrato” nel maggio 2018 ed è salito di circa il 230% da quando l’ha definito un “dispositivo di gioco d’azzardo” un anno dopo.

Quindi, ci si può aspettare che Buffett entri finalmente in BTC quando l’asset digitale raggiungerà il suo nuovo picco, come molti altri nomi di alto profilo hanno visto fare perno su di esso nel 2020.

L’amministratore delegato di Berkshire Hathaway ha già scaricato le sue azioni bancarie quest’anno e si è buttato sulle grandi farmacie come Pfizer mentre annunciano i vaccini.

Da JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo e M&T Bank a PNC Financial, Buffett ha tagliato la sua partecipazione nelle azioni bancarie.

Ora, si dice che stia accumulando una posizione in PayPal. Buffett possiede già azioni di Visa, Mastercard e American Express.

PayPal sta scommettendo molto sulla crittografia perché ha permesso ai suoi clienti di comprare, vendere e tenere in mano Bitcoin e altre crittografie solo il mese scorso e l’anno prossimo permetterà loro di fare acquisti utilizzando queste valute digitali.

Il fornitore di servizi di pagamento online ha già raggiunto l’85% del volume di BinanceUS nel suo primo mese di offerta di crittografia, grazie ai suoi clienti “desiderosi”.

A fine settembre 2020 i ricavi di 12 mesi di PayPal hanno superato i 20 miliardi di dollari, con un free cash flow in crescita del 43% rispetto allo stesso periodo del 2019.

Visa e Mastercard sono stati due dei titoli più performanti degli anni ’20, con l’avvento delle transazioni digitali nel mondo. Ora è una seconda occasione per Buffett di perdere un’opportunità non solo con PayPal, ma anche con Bitcoin e crypto.

Head of KuCoin on the hack: “We found the suspects”

KuCoin CEO Johnny Lyu said the exchange identified suspects in the hack.

The authorities are now involved

Another batch of tokens valued at $ 64 million has been recovered from suspicious addresses, bringing the total amount recovered to $ 204 million so far.

The Trust Project is an international consortium of news organizations based on transparency standards.

KuCoin founder Johnny Lyu claims that the suspects in the security breach have been identified “with substantial evidence”, linking them to the September hack.

On his Twitter account on October 3, Lyu said authorities were now officially involved in the case.

Bitcoin Rush also revealed that a new set of digital assets worth $ 64 million is no longer under the control of hackers, which he says brings the total value of recovered assets to $ 204 million. .

A quick update from my last livestream on September 30th.

After further investigation, we found the suspects in Security Incident 9.26 #KuCoin with substantial evidence at hand. Law enforcement officials and the police are officially involved in the action.

New developments after the KuCoin hack

In his Twitter feed, Lyu further revealed that the exchange was returning to full functionality after the security incident. According to him, 31 tokens have resumed normal deposit and withdrawal services, major high cap coins such as BTC, ETH and USDT are expected to be used soon.

Shortly after the hack was detected, all trading , withdrawal, and deposit services on KuCoin were shut down as the exchange worked to thwart the hackers. BeinCrypto reported on September 28 that the hacking strategy involved compromising the platform’s active wallets containing large amounts of generally small-cap ERC-20 tokens, such as Synthetix and OCEAN.

Deposit and withdrawal services for 10 projects have now resumed at with a growing number lining up to follow.

Immediately after the hack, unprecedented cross – platform joint action ensured that hackers did not get off so easily. BeinCrypto previously reported that $ 35 million USDT was frozen in suspicious ETH, OMNI, TRON, and EOS wallets. At the time, the hack was believed to have compromised around $ 150 million in tokens.

New information from Lyu, however, indicates that the total value of tokens stolen by hackers far exceeds this figure. The extent of law enforcement involvement remains unknown, as Lyu provided few details. However, the regulatory stance on cryptocurrency in Singapore, where the exchange is registered, is one of the friendliest in Asia.

Coca-Cola to close office in Argentina and move administration to Brazil

Coca-Cola will close administrative offices in Argentina and move its operations to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, amid a restructuring plan for the multinational. The information is from the newspaper La Nación.

According to the report, this is a move that will affect all of Latin America. The management of Peru, Bolivia, Uruguay and Chile will also be transferred to the Carioca capital. Production and marketing of the brand’s products will continue to be supplied normally.

Coca-Cola is moving forward, says the Argentine newspaper, with an aggressive program of voluntary layoffs that puts jobs at a regional level in the country.

To La Nación, the multinational said it was undergoing a global reorganisation. This means that in Latin America, the reorganization includes the creation of three new geographical zones that, replacing the current structure, will work closely with the global leadership teams.

In the new model, according to the report, Brazil takes Argentina’s place as regional leader.

Wanted by Portal do Bitcoin, Coca Cola Brasil confirmed that a global restructuring is underway, but that there are no specific details about the changes in Argentina.

In a sequence of tweets, the profile of the company’s Argentine division stated that it “categorically denied the change in operations” and reaffirmed its commitment to the country. However, Coca Cola did not comment on the administrative changes.

According to the newspaper, with the changes, Argentina’s number one executive, Spain’s Luisa Ortega, will take care of the brand’s operations in Central America. The Argentine operation will move to an organisational structure that will be headed by the CEO in Brazil.

In May, the company announced the cutting of 4,000 jobs worldwide as a result of the crisis caused by the coronavirus.

Shenzhen Stock Exchange to offer Blockchain-driven operations

The Shenzhen Stock Exchange announced that it would be adding Blockchain solutions to its operations. We tell you about the new project!

The Blockchain technology is starting to gain momentum worldwide but especially in China. Now the Shenzhen Stock Exchange announced the upcoming launch of a Blockchain solution for trading.

Jack Dorsey: “Bitcoin and Blockchain are the future of Twitter”
Blockchain solutions for the stock market
On September 30th a report was published by a local media revealing the official launch of a Blockchain registration and custody system.

According to the report, the platform was created as part of the Beijing Regional Trade Centre and will be tested with the Beijing Fourth Board Market, the city’s regional stock market.

The media also noted that the Blockchain will help reduce the cost of information asymmetry. It will also standardize the management of corporate actions and better perform the function of financing market actions.

It is not the first time that the Blockchain technology has the ability to make processes more efficient; however, some still remain sceptical about its potential.

Beijing establishes itself as the main Blockchain city in China

China, the paradise of technology
Especially China has become a welcoming country for the development of the Blockchain technology.

In fact, in July, the Chinese Securities Regulatory Commission allowed regional stock markets to work on building a Blockchain pilot. And, of course, since then these stock markets have accelerated the construction of systems based on the Blockchain.

Ge Yimiao said that the Beijing Stock Exchange and the Shenzhen Stock Exchange will cooperate in the implementation of the blockchain.

Thus, the momentum generated by China is so impressive that they have applied for more than half of all blockchain patents worldwide.

Yes, just like you read it. A study called “2020 Blockchain Industry Development” states that Chinese companies have applied for 4,435 blockchain patents.

Specifically Alibaba Group is the company that has applied for the highest number of Blockchain patents in 2020, 200 to be exact. And, to put it in context, Alibaba has 10 times the number filed by IBM.

Without a doubt, the Blockchain technology is gaining traction in the world as it demonstrates its potential. What will be the next project to exploit the potential of the Blockchain technology? We want to know your opinion!

Buy bitcoin gold and jewelry – this jewelry giant has converted

24k Bitcoin – The adoption of Bitcoin Up and cryptocurrencies into the everyday economy is happening slowly, but surely. Today, it is the jeweler Courbet, from the famous Place Vendôme, who calls on Lunu to allow payments in bitcoins (BTC).

Jewelry and diamonds now payable in cryptos

In a press release issued on 29 September the team of crypto-payment solution UNU announces that the jewelers Courbet called on his services.

This partnership will allow the jeweler to benefit from Lunu’s cryptocurrency payment technology, both in its physical showroom Place Vendôme, in Paris, and online on its website .

“The universe of Maison Courbet is one of luxury, but also of disruption. After pioneering the use of synthetic diamonds and recycled gold, we are proud to position ourselves at the new technological frontier represented by cryptocurrency payments. »- Manuel Mallen, President and co-founder of Courbet

A simple and transparent crypto-payments system

Like BitPay, Lunu Solutions – founded in Berlin in 2018 – allows merchants to receive fiat money directly into their bank account, while converting their customers’ cryptocurrency on the fly .

Cryptocurrency payment process between individuals and merchants at Lunu – Source:
The transaction costs lunu to remain reasonable. The commission is, for example, 1% on the amount of the transaction, payable by the merchant (0 charges for the customer). These fees are the same, both for payment terminals in the physical store and for the Lunu widget on the Courbet website.

“This partnership is a first step towards the democratization of cryptocurrency payments, a democratization that Lunu seeks to promote (…) cryptocurrencies are means of payment like any other, but which still lack outlets, because businesses have a biased view. . Our work with Courbet allows us to go against these stereotypes. »- Artem Shaginyan, CEO and co-founder of Lunu

Besides Bitcoin, Lunu’s wallet and payment solutions support: Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Dash (DASH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Tron (TRX) and Ripple (XRP) ). Interestingly, Lunu also accepts BTC payments from the Lightning Network .

For years, cryptocurrencies have inherited a bad image, because they are often presented as an unsavory medium of exchange. The current openness to crypto-payments of a renowned jeweler from Place Vendôme is proof that mentalities are changing. Sign of a first step towards the adoption of cryptocurrencies?

Wirex, une entreprise de téléphonie mobile, lève 1,5 million de dollars en moins de 2 heures pour offrir des services de sécurité

La plateforme de paiements numériques Wirex, qui fonctionne sur Ripple, a levé 1,2 million de livres sterling (1,5 million de dollars) lors de son offre de titres aujourd’hui, avec près de 2000 investisseurs mettant en commun le premier million de livres sterling en une heure et demie via la plateforme de financement de foule Crowdcube, selon un communiqué.

Le communiqué indique également que Wirex a l’intention d’utiliser le tour de table de financement par la foule pour se lancer aux États-Unis et au Japon dans les mois à venir. Les investisseurs ont acheté des actions de WireX à 9,24 £ (environ 12 $) la pièce. Le PDG et co-fondateur de Wirex, Pavel Matveev, a commenté la campagne et a déclaré que les fonds collectés lors de l’offre de titres permettraient à la société de développer ses activités. Le PDG a déclaré :

C’est une étape importante dans la réalisation de notre plan initial qui consistait à lever un million de livres sterling aussi rapidement, mais ce n’est pas surprenant étant donné que nous avons déjà développé une plateforme pionnière permettant aux utilisateurs d’acheter, de détenir, d’échanger et de dépenser de façon transparente de multiples devises traditionnelles et cryptocurrentes.

La société a affirmé qu’elle compte 3,1 millions d’utilisateurs enregistrés dans 130 pays différents et que WireX a généré jusqu’à présent 315 millions de livres sterling de recettes. La société avait auparavant fait la une des journaux pour avoir reçu diverses licences et détient maintenant une licence de monnaie électronique au Royaume-Uni et une licence de transfert d’argent aux États-Unis (Géorgie). L’entreprise a également demandé une licence PSA à Singapour.

Selon le communiqué, l’entreprise alimentée par Ripple a prévu de devenir un “pont entre le fiat et la cryptographie”, ce qui pourrait expliquer pourquoi WireX autorise ses clients à utiliser des portefeuilles XRP, depuis 2018,

Ecco come MicroStrategy quotata al Nasdaq ha acquistato $ 175 milioni in Bitcoin

MicroStrategy è diventato il manifesto dell’adozione di Bitcoin tra le aziende. È l’unica società quotata in borsa a rivolgersi a BTC come risorsa di riserva in cui immagazzinare il proprio capitale.

Il loro annuncio il mese scorso in merito alla loro decisione di abbandonare il dollaro USA a favore di BTC per immagazzinare il loro capitale è stato importante, perché ha dimostrato che l’asset digitale di riferimento sta guadagnando utilità come riserva di valore.

Per un’azienda con centinaia di milioni di dollari in contanti, la decisione ha senso, poiché la scarsità delle criptovalute consente loro di evitare le enormi perdite che altrimenti si subirebbero a causa dell’inflazione.

Acquisire così tanto BTC senza passare attraverso i luoghi da banco (OTC) non è un compito facile, tuttavia, e il CEO dell’azienda ha spiegato in un recente tweet come hanno fatto a farlo.

MicroStrategy ora detiene 38.250 Bitcoin

All’inizio di questa settimana, il CEO di Microstrategy Michael Saylor ha annunciato che la sua azienda ha raddoppiato la sua scommessa Bitcoin, aggiungendo $ 175 milioni di asset digitale alle proprie partecipazioni.

Questo massiccio acquisto è avvenuto poche settimane dopo che la società aveva rivelato i suoi piani per passare a una strategia finanziaria alternativa incentrata su Bitcoin. Ora intendono mantenere tutte le loro riserve di capitale in BTC per evitare l’inflazione e la svalutazione del dollaro USA, che viene stampato a tassi senza precedenti.

Questa strategia è senza precedenti ed è stata avviata dall’acquisto di un enorme patrimonio digitale per un valore di $ 250 milioni.

La società ha rivelato il 15 settembre che stavano acquistando ancora più BTC, effettuando un acquisto di 175 milioni di dollari tramite i mercati al dettaglio spot. Ciò potrebbe aver causato un aumento del prezzo di Bitcoin a $ 10.900 mentre il resto del mercato ha avuto una tendenza al ribasso.

Le loro partecipazioni totali ora ammontano a 38.250 Bitcoin, con un prezzo di acquisto aggregato di $ 425 milioni.

Ecco come MicroStrategy ha acquistato sul mercato 16.796 BTC

Durante il loro ultimo periodo di acquisto, MicroStrategy ha utilizzato il mercato al dettaglio per acquisire le proprie criptovalute, con il CEO dell’azienda che ha spiegato di aver acquistato 16.796 BTC in 74 ore di trading continuo.

“Per acquisire 16.796 BTC (divulgato il 14/9/20), abbiamo scambiato ininterrottamente per 74 ore, eseguendo 88.617 scambi ~ 0,19 BTC ogni 3 secondi. ~ $ 39.414 in BTC al minuto, ma eravamo sempre pronti ad acquistare $ 30-50 milioni in pochi secondi se avessimo avuto fortuna con un picco al ribasso dell’1-2% “.

L’enorme quantità di capitale introdotta nel mercato a seguito di queste 74 ore di trading continuo ha probabilmente avuto impatti duraturi che potrebbero ancora influenzare Bitcoin.

Bitcoin , attualmente classificato al primo posto per capitalizzazione di mercato, è sceso dello 0,45% nelle ultime 24 ore. BTC ha una capitalizzazione di mercato di $ 202,22 miliardi con un volume di 24 ore di $ 26,08 miliardi.