Coca-Cola to close office in Argentina and move administration to Brazil

Coca-Cola will close administrative offices in Argentina and move its operations to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, amid a restructuring plan for the multinational. The information is from the newspaper La Nación.

According to the report, this is a move that will affect all of Latin America. The management of Peru, Bolivia, Uruguay and Chile will also be transferred to the Carioca capital. Production and marketing of the brand’s products will continue to be supplied normally.

Coca-Cola is moving forward, says the Argentine newspaper, with an aggressive program of voluntary layoffs that puts jobs at a regional level in the country.

To La Nación, the multinational said it was undergoing a global reorganisation. This means that in Latin America, the reorganization includes the creation of three new geographical zones that, replacing the current structure, will work closely with the global leadership teams.

In the new model, according to the report, Brazil takes Argentina’s place as regional leader.

Wanted by Portal do Bitcoin, Coca Cola Brasil confirmed that a global restructuring is underway, but that there are no specific details about the changes in Argentina.

In a sequence of tweets, the profile of the company’s Argentine division stated that it “categorically denied the change in operations” and reaffirmed its commitment to the country. However, Coca Cola did not comment on the administrative changes.

According to the newspaper, with the changes, Argentina’s number one executive, Spain’s Luisa Ortega, will take care of the brand’s operations in Central America. The Argentine operation will move to an organisational structure that will be headed by the CEO in Brazil.

In May, the company announced the cutting of 4,000 jobs worldwide as a result of the crisis caused by the coronavirus.